From Left to Right- Marc Tolman, Al Versaci, Jeff Zadoff and Stan Schachter

Thank you to all our Donors over the years. We are still compiling the list of Donors

Marc Tolman- Epsilon Theta- Queens College

Brian Resnevic

Ted Panczyszyn -Lambda Phi Epsilon – Clarkson University

Lois Maisel on behalf of her late Husband Brother Allan S. Maisel- Phi Beta- University of South Florida

Michael Curley

Donald Anspauch jr- Epsilon Phi-Pennsylvania State University

Kirill Reznik- Beta Delta- Florida International University

Brian Neltner- Xi- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bryan Myer- Nu- University of Georgia

Kenneth Hurtado- Phi Chi- City College of New York

Shervin Fatehi- Xi- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

James e Durbin Jr- Epsilon Kappa-Tulane University

Al Versacci-

Mark Abramson -Epsilon Kappa- Tulane University

Jason Affourtit

Bob Norris-Delta- Cornell University